Dates:              Thursday 1st. September 2016           10.00am – 4.30pm

Place:              Morag Stokes Studio, 59 Jubilee Rd, Wellington



This workshop will introduce you to the possibilities of the latest in acrylic and watercolour products from GOLDEN Artist Colors. It will focus primarily on using synthetic gelatin plates from Gelli Arts with the new OPEN Acrylics, for quick and easy printmaking without a press. It will also introduce you to QoR (highly pigmented watercolours with an entirely new binder), High Flow and Fluid acrylics, all of which are great for watermedia work.  You will experiment with these paints on a range of grounds, from traditional watercolour papers to the latest in acrylic, paper-like grounds. In addition, you can experiment with QoR or acrylic on Yupo paper, which has a synthetic, non-absorbent and glossy surface.



At the end of the day you will have:

  • A range of monoprint examples of your experimentation with OPEN paints on a synthetic gelatine surface. You will have used commercial stamps, stencils, masks and silicone wedge tools, as well as any of your own creations.  
  • Samples of acrylic grounds which mimic art papers (Watercolour Ground, Light Dimensional Ground and Cold Press Ground) on which you have explored the behaviour of granulating and staining pigments. You will have used your choice of QoR watercolours or Fluid Acrylics for this exercise. 
  • Experimented with your choice of QoR watercolour, Fluid Acrylics and High Flow Acrylics on Yupo paper 
  • A handout pack of supplementary materials 

In addition to knowledge gained from the practical exercises, you will also learn about:  

  • The advantages of OPEN acrylics for use in blending, subtractive painting and dry brushing
  • Using High Flow acrylic in paint pens
  • How to improve the ‘lifting’ of watercolours.
  • Granulating and staining pigments 


All materials will be provided with the exception of watercolour and printmaking papers.

You will be required to bring them, along with the range of brushes you normally use for working on a small scale. Here is the WHAT TO BRING list: 

  • Your regular brush and palette knife collection. I will have some brushes you can borrow if you are short.
  • One A4 size sheet of hot press and one A4 size of cold press watercolour paper
  • Wet strength cartridge paper or printmaking paper (I use Magnani Incisioni). Don’t worry if you can’t get printmaking paper – regular cartridge paper from your sketch book will be fine. You’ll need 3 sheets measuring 21cm by 26cm.
  • Optional – If you have your own stencils and stamps, bring them along.