There images have been created by photographing details form my paintings, then flipping and mirroring them in Photoshop to show off the pattern generating potential of paint.


Of Mana Island

This collection of digitally manipulated photographs is one of two shows of work resulting from a week long Creative Residency on Mana Island, a small Department of Conservation managed nature reserve in the Cook Strait.  I was awarded the residency following my participation in the 2006 Global Eye Exhibition at Pataka Museum of Culture and Heritage, an event to mark Conservation Week. They were exhibited at Photospace, Wellington during July and August 2008 and each 500mm square print is a limited edition of five.

The unmanipulated photographs, which form the basis of these works, were sourced from the natural and recent cultural history of Mana Island, capturing something of its regenerating wetlands and grasslands, shore fauna and flora,  pastoral history and human footprint. The finished works reflect something of my Celtic heritage, my time spent living and working in the Middle East, my love of Spanish ceramic decoration and my more recent interests in Aboriginal painting. 

These digitally manipulated C-type photographic prints are available for sale. For further details contact me