The working properties of the new range of OPEN colours and mediums are the focus for this day. These unique acrylic paints have much in common with oils in that they stay workable for much longer than regular acrylics and can be used for applications not generally well suited to fast drying paints. The workshop will focus on four different painting techniques which will show some of the advantages of OPEN over regular acrylics. This will cover blending, dry brushing, subtractive painting and mono printing.

As an option, you may prefer to bring along a small (no more that 35cm any side), unfinished painting of your own and work the final layers with my selection of OPEN colours and mediums.



At the end of the day you will have up to four small works in which you have:

  • Practised blending with a range of OPEN colours and their mediums.
  • Made one or more monoprints using  paint on glass.
  • Worked with rags, colour shapers, palette knives and brushes to create an image using a subtractive technique on a non absorbent ground.
  • Created an image using dry brushing on a coarse ground.