The Artist Sessions take place on Monday and Thursday mornings in my Khandallah studio, with people signing up for blocks of 6 x 3 hour sessions. They bring together a small group of enthusiastic artists who have all had some experience of painting, from hobbyists to professionals. Most participants use the sessions as a regular source of support and inspiration for their art practice, and as a result places only become available when someone leaves the group.  These sessions are much less structured than my other workshops – group driven rather than tutor driven. I facilitate them and am on hand with advice and materials as appropriate.

  • Monday group from 9th Sept. - 14th Nov. 2019.

    No Sessions during school holidays or Labour Day.

  • Thursday group from 29th Aug. - 17th Oct. No Session during school holidays.

  • Time: 9.30am -12.30pm

  • Place: Morag Stokes’ Studio, 59 Jubilee Rd. Khandallah, Wellington

  • Cost: $210 per person for a block of 6 sessions plus an additional charge for any materials used. Refreshments provided.


  • To bring together a group of like-minded people who will work on their current art projects.

  • To provide a forum for the discussion of ideas and some group critique.

  • To have an on-hand tutor and a well-stocked studio at your disposal, to help inspire you and develop your ideas.


The group size will be kept small (6 people max). There are several easels available, both free standing and table top.


You will need to bring your own materials, but can use a selection of GOLDEN paints and products as required, paying as you go for what you use in excess of ‘samples’. This will be a mutually agreed on estimated cost, based on actual product prices.