"Thanks Morag for an extremely enjoyable and action packed workshop. Your warm hospitality, great organizational skills and "nothing is a problem" attitude really made the experience special and one I'll always remember. Your technical knowledge, skill as a teacher and as an artist shines through. Thanks also for the beautiful lunch, morning and afternoon teas you served. I appreciate the extra mile both you and your lovely husband Kevin made to make sure we were all well and truly looked after during the day."

- Deanna Gracie, Christchurch

"Thanks for the excellent workshop and lunch. The pace was good and made the day go very fast, everyone seemed to get on well together and it provided me with ideas to follow up. I had to go into Wellington on the following day so I picked up some air brush colours to try."

- Chris Partington, Stokes Valley

"An extremely well organised and information-rich course with loads of practical exercises. There was plenty of downtime at lunch to recharge for the afternoon sessions. I am happy that the course resulted in me picking up my paintbrush after a long break. A delightful and rewarding course!"

- Amanda Barber, Wellington

"You did a brilliant job at organizing this. The day went at a very steady pace which is good because it allowed us to cover a range of products and I came away feeling like it was a day well spent. The product information was covered in depth. Very informative, practical and most of all, great people, food and fun. Thanks!"

- Rosalie Jurczenko, Wellington

"An excellent workshop skillfully guided by the same care, intelligence and warmth that Morag brings to her own painting! Definitely recommended. I really enjoyed it and felt engrossed and happy the entire time. I think you managed everything really well and the day just flowed. Your instructions were clear, you provided good examples to follow, the day was well-paced. It was important that it wasn't about making a work of art, but experimenting with new techniques and materials. I'd definitely do another one."

Marion Hughes, Wellington

"The day was perfectly pitched for me. For someone not being familiar with Acrylic products it was highly informative and to my level of understanding. I think you managed to deliver a professional workshop, it was well prepared, informative and welcoming, without losing the fun of being creative. Stefan Jurczenko, Wellington

Fantastic day - thank you sooooo much. Very intense, very busy but I loved it! I would never have tried the digital ground and now I think I will work more with it and try new things. Nathalie Evans, Wellington

Thank you so much for your fabulously inspiring workshop. You are a truly talented artist and a gifted teacher."

Nadine Clement, Silver Seas Studio, Wellington

"Thank you soooooo much for the inspiration; your workshop was great. It exceeded my expectations. The techniques demonstrated were amazing and just enough to intrigue me to learn more. I enjoyed the experimental approach to your teachings and the fact that I could walk away with 4 different pieces was really good. A very well presented workshop; I didn't expect to get the amazing lunch as well."

- Getrude Matshe, Wellington


"Very inspiring day and I would definitely do another in future on other products in the range, or more specifically on selected products. I feel now like I can start a work with a more informed process ahead of me and what products will work best for the desired result. It was great to learn the differences between the 3 paints (standard, Open and fluid) because as a novice artist, I had never really considered paint drying times and how this can be used to advantage. I never felt rushed and in fact think that having time frames made me just get on and do, rather than trying to be too ‘perfect’ with the result. I can’t believe how much we achieved in one day! It was great to have the boards that were handed around with examples of colours, techniques and paint effects, and well thought out with the ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’ boards. Definitely value for money! I know the products are expensive, and yet I felt like we were given total freedom with the use of them. And as for the food --- yummy, plentiful and very generous."

- Ali Middleton, Wellington


"It was a great day - I learned heaps! Thanks."

Fifi Colston, Wellington

"Thanks for giving me best one-day workshop I have ever attended. And thank you for introducing me to clear tar gel, self leveling gel, digital grounds and acrylic skins. These terms that were not even part of my known vocabulary are now set to become my latest creative outlet. I will definitely be attending another of your workshops."

- Kirsty Fyfe, Wellington

"It was wonderful to spend time with talented people who are creative and so positive. Also enjoyed working in the studio and having examples around as inspiration. Although it was about the product, the emphasis was definitely on technique and creativity and reminded me of why I enjoy having a brush in my hand and a canvas or paper in front of me. Brilliant, healthy lunch. Thank you for a wonderful day."

- Diane Warrington, Porirua.

"An excellent day was had by all with stimulating instruction shared by a fantastic group of people from all walks of life.  I congratulate you and your husband for providing a wonderful lunch from the hot soups to the pecan pies, such tasty cuisine.   The exercises were great and allowed plenty of time to try the different techniques and applications of each product. I will be going to Gordon Harris this week to buy a selection of open and fluid acrylics. Plus maybe that beautiful copper paint shot with turquoise that we played with and 1 or 2 of the interference colours."

- Shirley Sutton, Wellington

"Morag –you are not only an incredible painter/artist, you are a sparkling, humorous, beautiful person. Your vibrancy and joy was worth the day alone. I loved that you and your husband had cooked beautiful food and that we sat at your dining room table; so welcoming and hospitable. You have a wealth of information to share and I just wanted to know everything you know….but I can tell that is a life-time of experience. Your studio space is great – neat and professional. Thank you so much and I would recommend you and your training to anyone."

- Marlene Strode, Wellington

"I just did a one day painting workshop with Morag last weekend. It was really wonderful and I wanted to let you know about her ones coming up. I've been painting with acrylics for the last few months and feeling really frustrated with trying to understand all the new gels, mattes, extenders, retarders and grounds that there now are. The medium has totally expanded since I last seriously looked at it in the 70's. She supplies all the art materials and explains how you can use them. Just bring a few of your favourite brushes if you have them. She puts on a wonderful lunch in her beautiful home as well. Five Stars for this workshop."

- Catherine Caldwell, Upper Hutt

"Your presentation and delivery of material was very professional, generous and well structured. The studio space was generous, welcoming and so well laid out for 10 students.  The tea, coffee and lunch was outstanding. Absolutely so generous, all day long tea and coffee and homebaking. Then a sit down lunch at a pre-set table - elegant and extremely generous, and very delicious. Also very conducive to the group chatting together. Chatting doesn't happen in the class as we are all busy and separated on different tables. The content of the class material was interesting and inspiring. You certainly know your stuff, have experimented and are open to experimentation (e.g. the guy with the calligraphy etc) as well, whilst keeping a good guiding hand on the class. Overall the sensation one leaves with is of having been well informed about the chemistry, painterly properties and creative potential of the Golden product range, and acrylic in general. Certainly the brand you have chosen to associate with is clearly at leading edge in effects and application. Your knowledge is excellent, the structure fast, pacey and very exciting. Wouldn't want to labor away on one piece all day - it is about the adventures within acrylic as you state at the beginning.... exactly what I signed up for.  Many, many thanks."

Juliet Sorensen (aka Best), Wellington

"Thank you for an awesome day on Saturday - I learnt so much and had such a good time experimenting and getting familiar with the new products - thank you for opening you home to us, lunch was fantastic too!!"

- Jen Esler, Wellington


"You’re a natural presenter Morag, with exceptional technical knowledge of the paint. Really enjoyed it thank you. Makes me feel like starting again when I have a play with yummy paints."

- Cecily Guarerra, Wellington