I have been attending the artist sessions for several months now, after reaching a point where I felt my artistic process was becoming stale and formulaic. Morag’s sessions have reinvigorated my enthusiasm and inspiration. She has the wonderful ability to identify what might be of interest to you as well as unlimited ideas about how to execute almost any art practice and is very generous with her knowledge. Her well equipped studio offers you the potential to explore these ideas freely using lots of different materials . It has also been of enormous benefit to collaborate with fellow artists in the group when you feel a piece needs some constructive input. I would recommend these sessions wholeheartedly.

- Clare Matthews


Every Monday morning during school term I squirrel myself off to an art class with Morag Stokes. The article in the current New Zealand Artist Magazine is about those artists sessions.
I have been going for a couple of years now as have several of the other artists. There are some amazing works that are created in these sessions and the sharing of knowledge, the camaraderie, the laughter are beyond compare. I love being surrounded and chatting with people who 'get it', who have the same weird quirkiness, who get excited about creating art.

- Heather White


A great article (  http://www.stokes.net.nz/nz-artist-magazine-article  ) showcasing The Artist Sessions that have become my creative nourishment every Thursday for the past year. Everything I learned about the colour red for my 2017 World of WearableArt entry, I learned in these sessions. They're a great boost for anyone wanting to learn and develop their art. What will 2018 unleash?

- Ali Middleton


I have recently returned to painting after a very long break, and am just loving Morag’s classes. I previously painted in watercolour and am now experimenting in acrylics which is lots of fun. Morag has amazing Art History knowledge and also lots of information and ideas regarding all the Golden painting products. These are also in her studio for you to experiment with before you decide to head off to a store to purchase them, Perfect! The interaction with other members of the group is special too, something you miss out on if you stay at home! I would encourage anyone returning to painting or just wanting enthusiasm and great ideas to call Morag and see if her classes might suit you.

- Julie Wilson


I have been participating in Morag’s Artist Sessions for over a year now and LOVE everything about them. Morag is a wealth of information, creativity and inspiration with a treasure trove studio of artist and craft supplies. This means I get to see, learn about and potentially use a huge variety of mediums  which has led to me producing work which satisfies my soul. I find Morag to be great fun and wonderfully generous in all that she shares with us, often going above and beyond with follow up information. Anyone lucky enough to get a space in her sessions is truly blessed!

- Anna Filliol


I've really enjoyed my  Mondays with you all and learned lots of new stuff - from Morag's expert tutoring to seeing what you are all doing and working with - it all adds to the richness of my own work. I'll send pics of the finished model tortoise when I've painted it. I've been using the Scan N Cut Canvas editing tool Morag and it's made my project so much better!!! Why I didn't explore that before I'll never know - it takes someone like you to actually read up, research and try it all out then hand on the knowledge. That's why you are gold!

- Fifi Colston


I’ve been doing Morag’s class for the last year.  Previously, when I popped into my local art retailer, Gordon Harris, I was constantly mystified by the huge range of Golden products on display and I wondered what they were all for.  Morag runs her art sessions in such a way that she unlocks their mysteries and you are left to play and experiment with the full Golden range in her studio.  I love how Morag tells you how you can use them and you pay for only what you trial, rather than standing in-store and agonising over whether you should buy a pot of ‘gloop’, but not really knowing what you can do with it, but love the sound of its possibilities!

Morag is knowledgeable, good fun and has a well-equipped studio at your disposal.  She is encouraging and facilitates great group dynamics within the class. I would recommend this class for anyone who wants to extend their art beyond what they are already doing.

- Karen Hamilton-Smith


I am delighted with Morag's class and she has a gifted ability of discovering each person's individual style and medium and responds with encouragement and her extensive knowledge of design, creativity and use of products. She is a fountain of knowledge in all things creative and she generously shares this with her studentsBe it shaping a composition, paint properties, how to use Golden products, gently moving us when we become 'stuck'...she is an incredible teacher. Personally, I love experimenting with these products that can enhance this process. While others create with canvas and paper - I create with fabrics. She responds to our individual needs as well as providing an ideal group environment where we learn so much from other students' work.  I am pleased she is offering a second class as those of us in her Monday class just keep re-registering and thus precluding others of this amazing experience A most valuable class”. 

- Lyn Crutchley


I found the Artist Sessions really helpful because of their unstructured nature. Even if I was unsure what I wanted to achieve, Morag was most helpful. I always learnt a lot, even from others. The thing I found most helpful was tapping into Morag's vast knowledge of techniques, products and her inspiration and helpfulness. I would highly recommend the sessions.

- Marie Wilson