Push the boundaries of your watercolour practice by experimenting with the water media possibilities of cutting edge acrylic products.  Expand your tried and tested watercolour techniques by working on a variety of acrylic gels and grounds with pigment rich fluid and airbrush acrylics. Take water media beyond paper, to canvas, board and an endless range of surfaces, including synthetic Yupo paper. You will work with acrylic grounds which mimic the look and absorption of watercolour paper and others which will give a whole new dimension to your work because they are largely non-absorbent.

This workshop is ideally suited to people who are already comfortable with watercolour painting and have developed their technique to a point where they looking for ways to diversify.


At the end of the two days you will have:

  • Created and painted on a multi-layered absorbent ground which allows you to add an extra dimension to your work by sanding back to reveal underlying colour striations.
  • Used polymer medium as a resist over absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.
  • Painted into wet gel over an underpainting
  • Created and painted on a ground of variable texture using Fibre Paste
  • Experimented with changing the surface tension of water in your work
  • Created and painted on a ground of mixed absorbencies
  • Compared the performance of staining and granulating pigments on a light, absorbent surface.
  • Discovered the creative possibilities of Yupo paper, a synthetic paper which has become very popular with watercolour painters in the USA.