At the end of the day you will have:

  • A small painting using Fluid and Open Acrylics (blending with Open Acrylics and their mediums will be the focus)
  • A small painting using a reductive technique on Moulding Paste with Open Acrylics
  • A small painting which illustrates the creative possibilities of a combination of photography and paint, using Crackle Paste, Iridescent and Fluid Acrylic paint, acrylic skins and digital grounds
  • A small abstract painting using wet gels, fluid and airbrush acrylics on a plastic ground. When dry, this will form a skin which can be peeled off and used in later collage or craft work.

In addition to knowledge gained from the practical exercises, you will also learn how to:

  • Use a of variety of gels and pastes
  • Use metallic, iridescent and interference colours
  • How to mix clean colours





This one day workshop aims to give artists, from hobbyists to professionals, an overview of GOLDEN’s  products and their creative possibilities. Learning will be through demonstration, discussion and practical exercises designed to inspire your creativity using paint, gels, pastes and mediums to make four small art works. You will use traditional and subtractive techniques using open acrylics, play with fluid and airbrush acrylics in wet gels, and work with pastes, acrylic skins and digital grounds. You will also learn about using iridescent and interference paints and what part organic and inorganic pigments play in the mixing of clear, bright colour.