I am a Scottish born NZ painter and my work is largely inspired by the material possibilities of paint. Celtic, Aboriginal and Pacific Island art forms are strong influences for me. My creative process has developed along two distinct lines which I call drag paintings and text paintings. The drag paintings are made by dragging paint over a variety of surfaces, often creating acrylic skins in the form of long bands which are then collaged onto a painted surface. The text paintings use the written word, excavated from layers of transparent paint until only unreadable pattern remains. These paintings explore the pattern generation possibilities of different letter combinations, the literal meaning of the words being irrelevant to the work. Words are invented purely for the flourish of their letters.

I run weekly art workshops for Pablos Art Studios in Wellington and at Ratonga-Rua-O-Porirua, where I encourage creativity in people who have experienced mental illness. I am also a Certified Artist Educator with GOLDEN Artists Colours Ltd., running regular workshops and private consultations from my studio, aimed at both professional and hobby artists.